For Such A Time As This...

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

I took this picture when I was in Frankfurt in 2017.

Every week when I was putting this week's study together, I use some kind of photo.  It's usually a stock photo that relates to the passage for the week.  The photo for the study on Esther is a photo I took myself. I took it in April of 2017 when I went to Frankfurt, Germany with my husband. One day, we went to a side of town that had a museum about the Judengasse, the Jewish Quarter.  For several centuries, this was where Jews lived in Frankfurt.  Jews and Christians went in and out of the quarter, but this was where the Jews had to live.  By the 1800s, the quarter was gone and Jews were allowed to live in other parts of the city.  In its place, the Bourneplatz Synagogue was built.  The building stood until November 9, 1938.  For the historians, that is the night of Kristalnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass.  It was a night when Germans burned down the homes and businesses of their Jewish neighbors.  Among the casualities is Bourneplatz. It was set ablaze.  

A memorial plaque was placed at the Judengasse museum that remember's the destruction of the synagogue on that November night by "Nazi Criminals."

Esther is one of the most engaging books in the Bible and it is an exciting read.  But underneath all the excitement is a serious undertone.  Haman's hatred towards the Jews morphs into a planned state-sanctioned killing.  The memorial plaque reminds us that Haman's rage towards Jews was shown again and again and again, with the recent mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. There Hamans out there ready to attack not just Jews, but people from various backgrounds and faiths who are different.

Esther's uncle, Mordecai told her that she might have become Queen "for such a time as this." God used Esther at this time to save her people.  When God called, she stepped up. God is always faithful and works through God's people to execute justice and call out evil.

The thing to remember here is not "let us be able to speak out against evil."  Instead, the thing we should be doing is asking that God can make us the kind of people that can be like Esther when the time calls. May it be for you and I as well.

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